Customer experience starts right after booking.

Keep track of the entire life cycle of a booking.

Organize your property wherever you are (full responsiveness on mobile and tablet). ll it takes is a simple Internet Connection.

In a very simple way set the availability of your rooms, your rates by room type / service and time period to see the booking plan for your property.


Room information, price lists and availability are taken into account in real time from your web site during the booking process.

A device-independent use experience.

Track checkin, checkout.

Monitor extra charge beyond accommodation (bar, services etc).

Keep information at room level and not just room type.

Option to change room after check in.
Complete availability check and pricelist booking with full PMS – front office booking.
Cancellation option following the cancellation policy of the accommodation.

Automatically enter customer details in front office when booking is completed.

Receive SMS messages on mobile whenever a new reservation is made. Confirmation message sent to customer as well.

Multiproperty and multiple users.

Open API for access and integration with other systems of your choice.

Invoices and receipts for the client’s stay & any extra charges.